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An Outschool Pod is a small, consistent group of learners who learn together in the same virtual classroom.

Outschool Pods are now available for enrollment. Outschool Pods will run for 13 weeks this Fall semester, starting class on Monday, September 20th. You can view and enroll in available pods here.


What is an Outschool Pod?

A pod is a small, consistent group of learners who learn together in the same virtual classroom. Outschool Pods meet virtually and take live classes with a consistent weekly schedule. All pods are facilitated by a group of top-rated Outschool teachers. Pods are a great option for building community, consistency, and convenience into your learner’s semester. 

What are the benefits?

There are lots! Your learner gets: 

  • Custom curriculum curated by top-rated Outschool educators
  • Private pod classes to provide a more tailored learning experience
  • An established routine with set meeting times each week (and simple scheduling for you)
  • A community of other learners to discover knowledge together and form lasting friendships

You’ll set them up for a successful school semester and enrich their day-to-day by exposing them to other kids from diverse cultures and interests.

Do Outschool Pods meet in person?

Outschool Pods are virtual and meet online Monday through Friday.

What is a complete curriculum pod?

A complete curriculum pod covers all four core subjects: English, Math, Social Studies, and Science. Pods meet for 12-15 hours per week, Monday through Friday, offered at 9AM ET and 9AM PT.  

What is a supplementary curriculum pod?

A supplementary curriculum pod is focused on supporting your learner in just a few subject areas. Supplementary pods are currently offer in English & Math, English & Science, and Science & Social Studies. These pods meet for 3-5 hours per week, Monday through Friday, offered at 4PM ET and 4PM PT.  

What is a homeroom pod?

Homeroom pods are offered for Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School. Homeroom pods offer socialization and structure to your learner’s day. Homeroom pods meet for 3-5 hours per week, with sections at 8AM ET and 8AM PT. 

What is an afterschool pod?

Afterschool pods are offered for Early Elementary, Upper Elementary, Middle School, and High School. Pods are focused on providing educational activities, socialization, and brain breaks at the end of the school day. Afterschool pods meet for 3-5 hours per week, with sections at 5PM ET and 5PM PT. 

Who are the educators?

All Outschool Pods are taught by qualified and experienced Outschool educators with a passion to inspire learners to love learning. You can learn more about the educators teaching an individual pod in the "Teacher Expertise" section of the class listing. 


How do I sign up for an Outschool Pod?

You sign up for an Outschool Pod by enrolling in one of our custom-curated pod classes. You can see all available pods here. You can use the search filters to find the pod that works best for your learner.   

How much does a pod class cost?

Prices for pod classes depend on whether you choose a full curriculum pod (15+ hours per week), supplementary pod (5+ hours per week), or afterschool or homeroom pods (5+ hours per week). Full curriculum pods start at $175 per week ($2200 for the semester). Supplementary, afterschool, and homeroom pods start at $70 per week ($910 for the semester). As with all Outschool classes, the price of the class is set by our educators.

How does payment work?

You can pay for your semester in 4-week installments or all at once! After enrolling in class, you will receive private links to enroll in the remainder of the semester. You may enroll in and pay for the whole semester at this time or enroll and pay in 4-week installments as you progress through the semester.

How do I bring my existing pod to Outschool?

We accept existing pods of 4 or more. Please email pods@outschool.com with the following information: 

  • # of learners in the pod (including your learner) 
  • Learning Needs: Complete Curriculum (15+ hours per week) vs Supplementary Curriculum (5+ hours per week)
  • Schedule Availability
  • Time Zone
Why is the class listing only for 4 weeks?

Outschool Pods run for the whole Fall semester, ending on December 17th, 2021. To sign up, you must enroll in the pod class listing for the first four weeks. We will send you links to enroll in the remaining weeks after enrollment. This is to ensure that we can offer a private and tailored pod experience for your learner.

Can I join a pod with people who live near me?

At this time, we do not offer pods specific to any geography. You can, however, create and bring your own pod with others who live near you, and we will match your pod with Outschool educators and a custom curriculum tailored to the pod’s interests. 

My learner already goes to school. Can they still participate?

Yes; learners who are already enrolled in school can still participate in pods. Our supplementary curriculum pods meet at 4PM ET and 4PM PT, and can provide additional support in specific subjects. Afterschool pods meet at 5PM ET and 5PM PT, and incorporate engaging and educational group activities across various topics. 

What about spring semester?

Outschool Pods currently only run for the Fall semester, ending on Friday, December 17th. You can continue to work with the educators and learners in your pod in the Spring semester, or you can switch pods at that time. We’ll be announcing more information about the Spring semester in the coming months. 

Is this program accredited?

This program is not accredited. However, Outschool Pods can be used as a part of your homeschooling  instruction plan. 

Is this program an option for homeschooling?

Outschool Pods are a great option for homeschoolers looking to add structure and socialization to their day. They can be used for complete grade-level curriculum across all core subjects, or supplementary grade-level curriculum in a few specific subjects. 


Pods can be used to support various learning needs

Develop and maintain friendships all semester!





Working parents and caregivers are supported through unique supplemental learning opportunities for their children



We have a variety of classes and class times let parents choose what works best for them; serve a diverse employee base with one platform



Gives parents one less thing to worry about knowing their kids are excited about and engaged in what they’re learning while they focus on work



With our large variety of classes and subjects, kids can both discover and dive deeper into their favorite interests



Since 2017, we have provided high quality, live online classes taught by safe, vetted, and experienced teachers

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