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Introducing Outschool Pods

Enhance your child’s semester with virtual learning pods!

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Why Do Parents Love Pods?

Parent Quotes

"Overall it's been a wonderful addition to our child's academic growth and encouragement. We look forward to the classes"

- Outschool Parent

Parent Quotes

"My son is really enjoying this pod and is looking forward to the next section. He has a great rapport with the other students and it has been a wonderful new addition to his week. The teachers are patient and working to try to help everyone in the group have a great experience. We are so happy to have this option through Outschool."

- Outschool Parent

Parent Quotes

"I love the consistency and structure with this class. We are huge fans of the Pods and all the teachers are wonderful and attentive. My learner has learned so much and is growing more confident."

- Outschool Parent

How It Works

1. Pick your topic and time commitment

From complete curriculum to socialization pods, there's something for every learner

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2. Enroll

Join a community of hundreds of Pod learners

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3. Pay monthly or all-at-once

Pods have flexible payment options to fit your needs

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4. Receive access to exclusive Pod Community Perks

Upon enrolling in a pod, your learner receives FREE access to the Outschool Pods Social Club

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How Can You Use Outschool Pods?

Supplement Your Learner's Education

Whether you need to cover a complete year of schooling or just one or two topics, there is a pod for everyone!

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Connect with Other Learners

With Outschool Pods, your learner is able to engage and socialize with their podmates in a structured way and on a regular schedule!

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Enrich Your Learner's School Year

Help your learner explore their passions (and find new ones!) through enrichment-based pod classes.

Bring Your Own Pod

Do you already have a Pod to bring to Outschool? We can help your small group of 4+ learners get access to custom pod curriculum.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is an Outschool Pod?

A pod is a small, consistent group of learners who learn together in the same virtual classroom. Outschool Pods meet virtually and take live classes with a consistent weekly schedule. All pods are facilitated by a group of top-rated Outschool teachers. Pods are a great option for building community, consistency, and convenience into your learner’s semester. 

What are the benefits?

There are lots! Your learner gets: 

  • Custom curriculum curated by top-rated Outschool educators
  • Private pod classes to provide a more tailored learning experience
  • An established routine with set meeting times each week (and simple scheduling for you)
  • A community of other learners to discover knowledge together and form lasting friendships

You’ll set them up for a successful school semester and enrich their day-to-day by exposing them to other kids from diverse cultures and interests.

Do Outschool Pods meet in person?

Outschool Pods are virtual and meet online Monday through Friday.

How do I sign up for an Outschool Pod?

You sign up for an Outschool Pod by enrolling in one of our custom-curated pod classes. You can see all available pods here. You can use the search filters to find the pod that works best for your learner.   

How does payment work?

You can pay for your semester in 4-week installments or all at once! After enrolling in class, you will receive private links to enroll in the remainder of the semester. You may enroll in and pay for the whole semester at this time or enroll and pay in 4-week installments as you progress through the semester.

How do I bring my existing pod to Outschool?

We accept existing pods of 4 or more. You can find more information, and get started, here.

Why is the class listing only for 4 weeks?

Outschool Pods run for the whole Fall semester, ending on December 17th, 2021. To sign up, you must enroll in the pod class listing for the first four weeks. We will send you links to enroll in the remaining weeks after enrollment. This is to ensure that we can offer a private and tailored pod experience for your learner.

Is this program accredited?

This program is not accredited. However, Outschool Pods can be used as a part of your homeschooling  instruction plan. 

Is this program an option for homeschooling?

Outschool Pods are a great option for homeschoolers looking to add structure and socialization to their day. They can be used for complete grade-level curriculum across all core subjects, or supplementary grade-level curriculum in a few specific subjects. 

Develop and maintain friendships all semester!

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