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Frequently asked questions

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General Questions

How can Outschool benefit my school?

Outschool is the largest provider of high-quality, interactive online classes for kids. We help learners discover their interests and help schools offer voice and choice to students through small-group learning experiences that take place over Zoom. Our pre-vetted, passionate teachers offer 100,000+ live online classes spanning core subjects, enrichment, and 1:1 tutoring. This helps schools and organizations extend their offering to students in a low-cost, flexible way.

How does partnering with Outschool work?

We offer two core partnership options - the Outschool wallet and class buy-outs. These two offerings generally work for most schools and organizations. As a school’s partner, we are excited to work with you and design a program that works best for your organization. 

Visit our Partnering with Outschool page for more info. 

What is an Outschool wallet?

As a Schools partner, you can establish an Outschool wallet that contains initial and ongoing funds your students will use to take classes on Outschool. Your wallet can be allocated however you choose (by the student, month, age, and more). As your students enroll in classes, your wallet will be depleted. 

What classes can my students enroll in?

As an Outschool schools partner, your students will have access to the full Outschool catalog of 100,000+ live online classes. This breadth of academic, enrichment, and tutoring classes will allow your students to deepen their knowledge, pursue interests, and uncover new passions.  Schools interested in a more custom, curated offering should discuss their goals with our Partnerships team; we aim to be as flexible as possible! 

What are class buy-outs?

When you participate in a buy-out, your school offers private Outschool classes with only students from your school.  You establish the class roster in a way that best meets your needs offering a unique way to connect your student community.  Working in partnership with the Outschool teacher, you may be able to tailor aspects of the class to your school or students' unique needs.   Class Buy-outs are a great stand-alone option or a complement to the wider range of Outschool classes that your students have access to. To learn more about class buy-outs, contact

How much does a class buy-out cost?

The cost of a class buy-out is driven by the class and teacher you select. When you buy-out a class, you pay a flat fee for the entire class instead of paying per learner.

Am I required to sign a long-term contract with Outschool?

No. We take a long-term partnership approach but do not require you to sign a long-term contract.  Our goal is to partner in the way that is best for your organization.

What does launching Outschool at my school look like?

It’s easy to launch Outschool at your school or district! As a Schools partner, we will provide you with a getting started guide and launch kit which contains templates, best practices, and more that you can customize with your logo and any unique content you’d like.  We will work with you to create Outschool accounts for all your learners so you are ready to go for day one and we can support you with translating documents should that be a need. Your Account Manager will work with you to develop a pre-launch and launch plan and be a resource for questions over time. 

How do I set up Outschool accounts for my students?

After you enter into an agreement with Outschool, we will work with you to set up new learner accounts for your students.  A school administrator or teacher can easily set up the accounts or you can ask parents to set up new school-specific accounts for their learners. We also offer bulk account provisioning for larger organizations. We will work with you to figure out what is best for your specific organization.  

Can my students use their school Outschool accounts to take non-school-related classes?

No. If your students are interested in taking additional Outschool classes that are not affiliated with your school we ask that they set up a non-school-related Outschool account. 

Do you work with schools outside of the United States?

Yes. We partner with schools and organizations across the world. We will work with you to find classes that work for your needs and time zone. 

Who do I contact to learn more about partnering with Outschool?

We’d love to speak with you. Please request a demo or email us at

Student Data

Are you COPPA Compliant?

Yes. Outschool complies with the U.S. Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act (“COPPA”) with regards to children under 13, and goes further to extend COPPA protections to all children on our site. Schools with learners under the age of 13 utilizing Outschool are required to sign our COPPA Notice for Schools regarding the collection, use and disclosure of our students’ personal information. 

Are you FERPA Compliant?

Yes. Outschool adheres to the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA).This means we protect student’s educational records on the Outschool platform.

Are you compliant with New York Education Law 2d and other state laws?

Yes. Outschool is compliant with New York Education Law 2d and is excited to partner with schools in New York state. We also comply with other federal, state and local laws allowing us to partner with schools across the United States.

What data does Outschool collect from Schools?

The Information We Collect section of our privacy policy and your Outschool agreement detail the types of student data we collect from you and other purposes for which the data is used.  

What student data is shared with teachers?

Teachers are only provided with the first name and age of learners. Additional information may be shared with teachers by adding it to a learner’s profile notes. This information is voluntary and can help communicate a learner’s style or background information which may assist an educator in better understanding the best ways to engage a student. Students also share data over zoom video, text, and any content they create. 

How long will Outschool retain student data?

We only retain student data as long as necessary to support the educational purpose, unless authorized by a school.

What happens to student data if my school chooses not to renew its agreement with Outschool?

If your school chooses not to renew your agreement with Outschool, we will delete the student data or transfer the data to your school.

Safety and Security

How do you ensure a safe learning environment for learners?

Outschool’s platform was designed with safety in mind.  Classes are powered by the website and by a video conferencing platform called Zoom.

All Zoom meetings on Outschool are password protected and leverage a one-way waiting room with in-person verification by our teachers.

Meeting setup gives control to teachers (not students).  Our Trust & Safety team is in place to support a safe learning environment for all users.

What policies exist to protect the safety of learners?

Our privacy policysafety policy, class recording policyand community standards are just some of the policies we have established to protect the safety of learners on the Outschool platform. We have also created a learner privacy guide to help kids to understand how we protect them.

What is your class recording policy?

All Outschool classes are recorded for the safety and security of our learners.  Our class recording policy has been carefully designed to protect learners and maintain family privacy. Class recordings are used by teachers to ensure class quality as well as provide learners with the opportunity to review classes. Class recordings may only be accessed by the teacher who taught the class and by the learner families that took the class. Accessing class recordings requires digital consent. Recordings may not be downloaded and are only available for a limited time.

Do you background check your teachers?

Yes. All Outschool teachers must complete identity verification and criminal background check before they can teach on the platform. Teachers must renew their background check exactly one year after their check has been completed and for every year thereafter for as long as they teach with Outschool. Every educator and class on the Outschool platform is vetted and approved before accessing our platform.


How do I learn more about your data security and privacy practices?

Outschool is committed to the data security and privacy of all learners and their data. Please review our privacy policy, terms of service, and your Outschool agreement for more information about our practices. You can also contact to learn more about Outschool’s data security measures.

What do I do if I have a safety concern?

Any safety questions or concerns should be directed to our Trust & Safety Team by emailing

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