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Homeschool 101: A Quick Guide To Get You Going

Whether homeschooling is a dream come true, or something you never expected to be doing, you’ve come to the right place. This quick resource guide walks you through:

1. Getting started: key things you need to consider
2. Easy and affordable ways to provide classes outside your expertise
3. Tips inspiration from homeschooling families

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Help your child explore their passions with just a few clicks

Outschool Minecraft Escape Room

Minecraft Escape Room

(Ages 7-10)

Outschool Accelerated 2nd Grade Math

Accelerated 2nd Math

(Ages 6-9)

Outschool Dinosaur art class

Drawing Dinosaur Art

(Ages 4-7)

Outschool Moana Dance Ballet Class

Moana Ballet Class

(Ages 3-8)

Outschool | Super Scientist Club | Where We Explore Things Around Us Class

Super Scientists Club

(Ages 4-6)

Workout Mashup

Workout Mash-Up 

(Ages 4-9)

Outschool Salute the Sun Yoga for Teens Class

Salute the Sun Yoga for Teens

(Ages 13-18)

Outschool | Clocks, Crickets and Kangaroos | Nature Class

Nature's Vibrations

(Ages 12-16)

Find the Perfect Class

What is Outschool?


Outschool is an innovative education platform that offers 150,000+ engaging, small-group classes online – starting as low as $5 a class. Unlike traditional classes, Outschool gives kids ages 3-18 the unique opportunity to explore their interests in-depth with interactive classes taught via live video by experienced teachers from around the world. 

Find out why

Parents & Kids Love Outschool

I think this is such an amazing benefit! I hope it will continue! My kids really enjoy it and its the absolute only time in my working life where I was rewarded for being a parent rather than in some way diminished...it allows my kids to have something they are engaged in when I'm not home (or when I am home) that we can talk about and share about (mommy guilt reduction!)
Alto Pharmacy Working Mom
Working Mom
Alto Pharmacy
My 13 year old son Cyrus has always been really interested in business and entrepreneurship. Of course, this isn’t part of the curriculum at your every day middle school. So we tried Outschool. Cyrus took this small idea from his Outschool class and turned it into a full fledged online tutoring business for kids.
Susie Naficy
Susie Naficy
Attorney, Mom, and Outschool Fan
When I found Outschool, it was a game changer because of the unique classes. Outschool had classes that matched my son's varied interests, for example immunology. Where else are you going to find a class on pathogens or blood types for a 10 year old?! Kids with autism love to listen to things over and over again, so Outschool’s flex classes and recorded videos are great for Ben.
Angela Blanchet
Angela Blanchet
My daughter decided she really wanted to start a dog walking business, but she didn't know how to go about it. We went on Outschool, and we found a class called How to Start Your Own Business. The class required writing up a business plan and a budget -- stuff that she wasn't previously interested in. She quickly became interested in these subjects and was able to quickly do it because it was going to get her where she wanted to go.
Nicole Olson
Nicole Olson
We love my son's Outschool tutor. Her name is Midge Spencer. My son is this wild happy, enthusiastic breaks-everything-because-he's-joyful kid, and when he sits down with Midge, he pays attention.
Liz Boltz Ranfeld
Liz Boltz Ranfeld
Outschool Teacher & Customer
Outschool offers powerful health and wellness programming that we will all need as we help our children adjust to whatever comes. There are also rich applications of their Diversity & Inclusion (D&I) classes and programming to tap into throughout the year as a resource to employees who may wish to have conversations with their kids about equity, climate security and other global issues.
AXIS Employee Engagement and Philanthropy Manager
Blythe McNamara
AXIS Employee Engagement and Philanthropy Manager